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Simple and effective computer based baby books with great interactivity which will help with learning, co-ordination and development. Give your kids a jump start in life and computers.

Interactive Baby Books has taken much development and has been designed in conjunction with extensive user testing. Aimed at young people aged between 1 and 4 years the product grows with your child - initially by grabbing their attention through colourful images, videos and fun sounds while you operate the computer and read them the question, up until the child develops to point of controlling the mouse and computer themselves and understands the concept of getting the ansers right or wrong and final score. We define our market as Online learning preschool games & baby learning software.

Lots of bright colours, moving images and engaging sounds will be involving them in the book in a way that normal picture book can't really manage. Exposing children to bright colours, a level of interactivity and real videos and sounds will help them in their overall development.

Dr Anna Franklin, from the Surrey Baby Lab, has ascertained that babies as young as four months show a preference for certain colours. "It's a myth that newborn babies are colour-blind. They can see colour, but it does develop over the coming months." She has used a number of tests to find out how babies see colours and which are their favourites. One involves repeatedly showing babies the same colour on a computer screen, then switching to a different colour and seeing whether this grabs their attention. "What we have shown is if you repeatedly show babies a blue then another shade of blue, they will treat it the same and get bored. But if you show them a green, they will perk up and start looking again.

Michelle Roberts, BBC Health Correspondent

Interactive Baby Books are aimed at helping your child develop, but alongside this they also give you the opportunity to bond with your child, working, reading and enjoying together. The years before school can be so precious and believe us - they simply fly by Online learning preschool games like ours really will be enjoyed by you both.

It’s really very simple. Simply click on the link to open the baby learning software or insert the disk and you are immediately on the way! You and your child will be presented with a full screen, which will have a colourful image , animation or video clip, alongside occasionally some sounds – there will also be a very simple question which will help you to engage with the child to reinforce the learning. It’s that simple. Something different each time, bright, interesting, sound, vision and interaction. It works and it’s fun!

Simply talk through the question and then click on the answer and move onto the next question. At the end of book you are given you score out of 10 and if you got any wrong you have the chance to go back over each question with the correct answer ticked and a little note telling you which one you got wrong. It's really that simple.

The beauty of the product is that it allows you to develop the childs skills in a structured way. Not all children will follow the timeline below, as abilities can vary wildy - this is just very loose idea of a possible way to use the product from ages 1yr to 4 years from the test subjects we used.

The best recommendation is what the customers say. We went back to our very first customers and testers and got the following feedback. If you wish to leave us feedback we'd love to hear it.

I have used this product with my daughter and she absolutely adores it. She’s loves the video of the frog most of all. I really feel like I’m helping to develop her learning. Thank you so much. I can’t wait for the next one!

Janet Regan, Leicester

I was a bit sceptical at first, but then I used it with my two boys and was amazed. It’s all actually pretty simple but that doesn’t stop it being effective. The main thing was that my kids loved it.

Jim Danker, Solihull

I have to confess that I’d rather read one of your interactive books with him than a normal book as it’s a little more interesting for me!

Ibrham Ackbar, Birmingham

There are times of course when normal book will have to do, but given the choice we can think of few good reasons why you should consider baby learning software!

In each online learning preschool game there are 5 chapters of 10 questions. Each with a different theme, the themes include; Creepcrawlies, The Farmyard, The Jungle, The Weather and the Birthday. In every chapter the 10 questions are a mix between friendly images, animations, sounds and videos. (If you haven't seen our demo then have a quick look - the link is at the top of the page). That's over 50 questions. Easily more than you would do in one session.

After our user testing we are quite sure that your budding genius will love the product. But, if for any reason they don't, or you feel that the product isn't everything that we have advertised it as then you can simply have your money back. Although a new company we intend to be around for a very long time, and we are very proud of our products. We do not want any unhappy customers! There's no gimmicks, no fluff. Just return the product and you can have your money back. That's it.

We decided that the very best way to deliver the Interactive Baby Books content was through a web browser. This was the easiest for users of all levels of ability to use. Regardless if you download the product or receive the disk, it will be opened using your internet browser. We have been careful to ensure that the system works with all of the major browsers including those found on Apple Macs. The best way to test it out though is to click on the demo at the top of this page. If that works then the full product will work. If you are unsure then please just send an email to address listed on our contact page or just give us a call. Online learning preschool games & baby learning software bought to you by Interactive Baby Books.

Our prices are really competitive and are designed to really help get the brand out there while we develop additional products. We are currently offering two different packs and an incredible discount if both are purchased togeather. To place your order simply click on the Interactive Book you want to buy and then choose from the three types of delivery (Digital Download, CD or both!)

We currently have two books available. Volume 1 and Volume 2. You'll find the same great characters, animations and videos in both but we have completely reworked the questions to maintain the winning formula but add valuable content for your child.

We really want to get these products out there and into the market this year. So we are offering an incredible December special offer with all prices reduced by a huge amount. This really is a once in a life time opportunity to get these products at these prices. When the months ends this offer will close. Act now - get your kids learning, enjoying and working with computers from the earliest age that you can. Don't delay. You won't regret it.

This offer will stop at the end of December so act now!

We accept all major credit cards. Our payments are done through No-Chex and are 100% Secure. (Always look for the Padlock in your web browser.)

A few people have asked if we ship the product abroad. Ideally orders can be fulfilled via digital download, however for orders sent out via CD we build into the cost of the product a fee for media and postage. We can happily take payment from any country, normally credit card companies simply convert to the local currency at a standard exchange rate. We'd be thrilled to see Interactive Baby Books being used more around the world - we currently have had sales in America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Saudi Arabi. Online learning preschool games & baby learning software